Dental implants are the ideal option to replace natural teeth that have been lost over the years due to various causes.

In the field of dental implantology we offer:

– General dental implantology.
– Dentures on all current implant systems.
– Dental implantology after extraction.
– Introducing bone substitute material to build up bones.

There are currently different types of implants on the market, which differ depending on the shape and indication.

Placing implants in the jawbone is a surgical procedure that has been simplified over the years and is it is known to be associated with minor complications. The patient hardly feels any pain.

The process is very simple:

1. The implant is inserted into the bone, so that the implant can function as a natural tooth after bone integration. It is recommended to prescribe an anti-biotic after implant surgery. . On the day of the procedure and depending on the symptoms, an analgesic can also be taken.

2. As soon as the implant is integrated into the jawbone (after approx. 3 months), the prosthesis, crown or bridge is made on the implants, which ideally imitate the shape and function of natural teeth.

One of the advantages of dental implantology is that single crowns can be made on implants. This means that individual teeth are replaced without affecting the neighboring teeth.

Dental implantology is considered to be one of the current medical treatments with a high success rate, since it is assumed that approximately 98% of the implants heal in the bone without complications.

Our specialists in dental implantology treat each case individually,with the greatest care and in the interest of the patient. The new teeth should feel as natural as possible so that the patient can chew perfectly after insertion of the crown, bridge or prosthesis whilst the entire aesthetics of your teeth are being restored. Our team are dedicated to making you feel comfortable and happy with a shiny smile. Thanks to this type of treatment, we have the opportunity to achieve this.

We love to hear from you if you would like to learn more about dental implantology and the solution we can offer in your case and look forward to welcoming you to our practice




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